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Tender for MRT Encounters Problems
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Jumat, 27 Maret 2009
JICA-Dephub blame each other

JAKARTA: The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Department of Transportation blame each other for the delay in the fixing of the winner at the tender for mass rapid transit (MRT) basic design.

The JICA says it is still waiting for a response to the list of questions concerning the recommendation of the tender winner sent to the Department of Transportation, which states it has sent back its response.

“We sent our reply to the JICA at the end of last year. Therefore, just like Jakarta, we also expect the JICA to determine the winner sooner,” informed Director General of Railways at the Department of Transportation Wendy Aritenang Yazid yesterday.

However, according to the JICA spokesperson Iman Senoadji, the Department of Transportation had not sent its response to the list of evaluation questions.“The ball is in the hands of the Department of Transportation right now and we are still waiting for the response,” he said.

Iman explained the essence of the list of questions sent to the Department of Transportation was the request for clarification about the reason the department favored PT Katahira and set aside PT Nippon by giving them a point of 75.43 points and 74.13 points, respectively.

The request for clarification, he continued, was a common procedure in the JICA. It was the clarification that would serve as a basis to determine the winner at the US$17 million worth of tender.

Jakarta Government ‘Takes over’

In the meantime, the Jakarta Provincial Government is touted to prepare a scenario to ‘take over’ the basic design work through PT MRT Jakart. Such a measure is prepared to anticipate a delay in the previous schedule.

President Director of PT MRT Jakarta Eddi Santosa revealed the scenario was prepared by hiring different executive consultant, which also serves as the basic design contractor, from the one chosen by the JICA and the Department of Transportation.

However, Eddy denied if such a measure meant that PT MRT Jakarta ‘took over’ the basic design work since the consultant hired by PT MRT only served to assist the main consultant.

“So, after the JICA and the Department of Transportation appoint the basic work consultant company, we will recruit a contractor company through an open tender. The spirit is to keep the project on time and able to create benefits for the Jakartans soon.” (Bisnis/bsi/hwi/mcd)

Source: bisnis.com

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